Industrial Hemp Innovations

Our process focuses on sustainable farming practices with the end goal of growing the healthiest plants with the best flower, seed and stalk.  We are a family farm of friends, seeking innovation in the hemp industry.


  • Hemp Farming
  • CBD Extracts
  • Cannabinoid Analysis
  • Hemp Seeds and Processing
  • Hemp Hearts and Cold Pressed Oils
  • Hemp Stalk Processing
  • Hemp Fiber and Hurd

Rebirth of an American Industry

Industrial Hemp Innovations founders/operators possess passion for sustainable farming practices, health through nutrition, and ALL THINGS HEMP!!!!

I.H.I. Farms

Our desire in growing hemp is to support the growth of the American Hemp Industry.  We are interested in forming partnerships with other hemp farmers and product developers.

Farm Bill 2014

Federal Law allowed for the cultivation of industrial hemp for Research and Development by Centers of Higher Education.  Colorado, and other states, supported the commercial development of industrial hemp by implementing regulations.  Industrial hemp is defined as varieties of  Cannabis Sativa that contain <0.3% THC.  Colorado Department of Agriculture provide permits and perform farm inspections in the effort to monitor THC levels in hemp fields.

Our Products:


Mission Statement

I.H.I. strives to be industry leaders in the development of commercially successful hemp strains and hemp processing facilities.  

Utilizing sustainable farming practices, our goal is to grow the best quality, Certified Hemp for flower, stalk, and seed.

We grow and process flowers into CBD extracts, stalk into fiber and hurd, and seeds into dehulled hemp hearts & cold pressed oils.  We offer processing services for other farmers, wholesale raw material for other hemp businesses, as well as seed stock for the distribution of quality hemp to other growers.

We specialize in processing all parts of the hemp plant for wholesale. CBD extracts, dehulled seed, cold pressed seed oil, and separating fiber and hurd from the stalk.


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